Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex
Illustrated by Michael Rex
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Hello. Welcome to my website.
Check out the children's books that I have written and illustrated.
I've also provided information on my forthcoming books, and book signings.

Please visit my "Step-By-Step" page.
It shows all the steps that I use to create my illustrations.

UPDATE 1/15/04

My new book, Truck Duck, is now out in stores. This is my new favorite book.

"On the ground, in the water, or through the air, here comes a parade of
spread-filling trucks, boats, and other vehicles, each piloted by a smiling
animal. The titular duck drives a dump truck, a "cab crab" waves from the
window of a yellow taxi, a "blimp chimp" steers a purple airship, and other
creatures ride on or in a tow truck, a motorcycle, a submarine, and more.
Rex colors each machine in glowing primaries, suspends them against bright
monochrome backgrounds, and adds just enough detail to tempt young viewers
to linger lovingly. Printed on stiff paper, these mighty machines will rivet
fans of all things big, noisy, and on the go."---Kirkus Reviews

Reviews and Purchasing Information


At 11:30, on Sept 21, I will be reading some of my books at the "Learning Leaders" booth at the
"New York is Book Country" Book Fair . Later, I will be signing books at the "Books For Kids"
booth from 12:00-1:00.

On November 3, I will be doing a presention about my books, as well as a Q&A sesssion
at Arcadia College in Pennsylvania.

On November 15, I will be apperaing the the Nutley Children's Book Fair (973-662-1550),
in Nutley, NJ. I will be doing a reading and some drawing for the kids.
Stop by and say hello.


I will be appearing at the "Books For Kids" booth from 12:00 to 1:00 at the
"New York is Book Country" Book Fair on Sept 29th.

I've added the final cover artwork for "The Tooth Fairy" and "Where Can Bunny Paint?" on
the Forthcoming Books page. "The Pie is Cherry" will be coming out in September,
so it has now worked its way onto the Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex page.

The Scholastic project that I mentioned back in February
is happening, and you can read all about it on my Forthcoming Books page.
I've also added some information and images from the Oklahoma State Summer
Reading Program on the Other Projects page.

I've made some additions to the Illustrated by Michael Rex page,
as well as the Forthcoming Books page.
Hopefully, I will soon have some very good news to share about a large project
brewing over at Scholastic. Keep your fingers crossed for me!---Mike

About Buying Books

I do not sell my books through this site. I have provided links to Amazon.com for most of the books,
but my site is not affiliated with them. I have used Amazon, and have experienced good service.
Feel free to use other on-line booksellers.
You can also ask for my books at your local bookstore, or at your public library.---Michael Rex

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