Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex
Illustrated by Michael Rex
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About Me

Picture Books

I've been making picture books since the summer of '95, with
my first published book hitting the shelves in '97. I'd always
been a fan of children's illustration, but never considered doing
it myself. Before '95 I was really interested in cartooning, and
really wanted to start my own comic book. But my drawings,
and stories, were getting simpler and more whimsical. I wanted
to make a living off my drawing so I began looking around.
It was at this time that I really began to investigate picture books.
What struck me then, and what I love about picture books to this day,
is that there is no set style. Anything goes.
The more unique the style, the better. So I dug in, and started working
on some of my own picture book illustration.

I think I made the right choice. Picture books feel very natural to me.
I'm not saying that they are easy, or they are not hard work.
It just feels right to me to sit down and draw race cars, or zoos or monsters all day.
(Above is Invisible Pie, one of my first books. I never did sell that one. )

Education Blues

I grew up in Chatham, New Jersey. I originally went to Fairmount Avenue
School, but it closed as I finished 3rd grade. So I then went to
Milton Avenue School, and all of my friends went to
Washington Avenue School. I survived, and eventually graduated from
Chatham High School, somewhere near the bottom of the class.
Apparently, drawing didn't count.

Morris County Vo-Tech

During my senior year in High School I attended Morris County Vo-Tech,
and studied "Commercial Art." This was a great program that took up
half of my school day. I learned the technical end of drawing and rendering.
I learned more about technique and process in this class than many
do in 4 years of art school.

School of Visual Arts

I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and graduated with a BFA.
I majored in Film. I did some drawing on the side, and took some
cartooning classes with the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, the creator of
Mad Magazine. SVA was a wonderful experience, and I learned a great
deal about how to develop ideas, and how to think creatively, and
critically, while working on projects.

Brooklyn, NY

I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for almost 11 years (in the same apartment).
Then, in the spring of '99, I moved all of 4 blocks into Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
I love my apartment, and I really like this neighborhood. It's small and friendly,
but only a few minutes away from Manhattan. We've got a good Mexican take-out
place, and the best donuts in NY. (A guy on the TV said so!)
And Palace Fried Chicken is open until 4:00 in the morning.
If Greenpoint had a movie theater, I would never have to move again in my life!


I am the President, Founder
and sole member of the
Star Wars Appreciation Society."
However, I am currently working
to open a Park Slope Branch.

Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex
Illustrated by Michael Rex
School Visits
Forthcoming Books
Signings and Events
Other Projects
About Me

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