Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex
Illustrated by Michael Rex
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School Visits

"I have observed Michael Rex in any number of classroom situations
and have always come away impressed and exhilerated. Both teachers
and students love him--when he walks into the room, their faces light up.
He inspires creativity in children, but does it in a way that never leads to
unwanted chaos. His books are also "teachable" and fun."

Visiting schools is the best part of my job.
I love drawing and I love writing books,
but working alone can become very isolating.
Visiting schools gives me a chance to get out in the world
and helps me realize that kids actually read my books.
And they seem to like them too!

My school visits focus on the process of making a picture book. Starting with only the text,
I discuss how text becomes sketches, sketches become final art, and how final art becomes a
printed book. I also do some drawing for the students, and if the situation allows, have the
students draw along. A slideshow of the program may be included. Programs can also be
tailored to fit the special needs of a school. I have also done presentations in public libraries
and museums

Drawing is a Skill!

I have taught drawing to children in grades 1-6 in weekend classes.
I did this for about six years, and I really enjoyed it. While teaching,
I discovered something interesting. Most children are never "taught" to draw.
They are handed crayons and are expected to perform. If they perfrom well,
they are "talented;" if they don't perform, then they "can't draw."
Does this happen with musical instruments? Can you imagine handing
a trombone to a child and expecting them to play without instruction or practice?
I always tell children that drawing is a skill.
It can be learned.
The talent is sticking with it!

I would love to visit your school! Please contact me for fee schedule and availability.

Previous Engagements

Young Writer's Conference, Scarsdale, NY (2000, 2001)
P.S.#120, Brooklyn, NY
Children's Museum of Manhattan
Summer Reading Camps, Malta, Stockport, OH (4 Days)
Kate Love Simpson Morgan County Library, McConnelsville, OH
The Storybook Festival, Fremont, OH

Briarwood School, Florham Park, NJ
Brooklake School, Florham Park, NJ
The Craig School, Mountain Lakes, NJ
Friends School, Haddonfield, NJ
Parrish Art Museum, South Hampton, NY
Lincoln Hubbard Elementary, Summit, NJ
Hamilton Terrace Elementary, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Riverview Elementary, Denville, NJ
Summit Public Library, Summit, NJ
Birchard Library, Fremont, OH
Clyde Public Library, Clyde, OH

Madison Public Library, Madison, NJ
Woodfern Elementary, Neshanic, NJ
Thomas P. Hughes Elementary, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Taylor Mills Elementary, Manalapan, NJ
Children's Museum of Manhattan Fundraiser, NY
Joe Kubert School of Cartooning, NJ
Star Wars Celebration, Denver, CO
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
P.S.#241, Brooklyn, NY
Wildwood Elementary, Mountain Lakes, NJ
St. Patrick's School, Chatham, NJ
P.S. #1, Brooklyn, NY
Central Elementary, Haddonfield, NJ
Washington Avenue School, Chatham, NJ

Written and Illustrated by Michael Rex
Illustrated by Michael Rex
School Visits
Forthcoming Books
Signings and Events
Other Projects
About Me

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